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Yes, I have a dark tone …! Suhana Khan’s penetrating reply to those who make fun of skin tone


Suhana is often trolled for various reasons. But she is not one of those who remain silent.

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many Starkids are trolling on social media. King Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is one of them.

In the past, Suhana has often been trolled for various reasons. But she is not one of those who remain silent. Now she has given a harsh answer to the haters who are making fun of the color.

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Suhana recently shared a photo on Instagram. She shared this photo and users started trolling her. She was ridiculed for her color. Suhana took these mockers to the jam spread. She expressed her anger by writing a great post. Yes I am a shadow by color, my height is 5 feet 3 inches, but as I am, I am happy with it, she told the trolls.

What did Suhana say …

“There’s a lot going on right now and this is one of the issues we need to fix!! this isn’t just about me, it’s about every young girl/boy who has grown up feeling inferior for absolutely no reason. Here are just a few of the comments made about my appearance. I’ve been told I’m ugly because of my skin tone, by full-grown men and women, since I was 12 years old.”
Especially, those who are called adults by age told me this. What to say now?


Basically we are all Indian blacks. We all have different colors. You cannot change your color. I am sorry to see Indian matchmaking on social media or if you are ugly because you are not 5 feet 7 inches, you are not fair in color, it has been instilled in your mind by your family. But my height is 5 feet 3 inches and my color is shade. But still I am happy. In my opinion, I am happy with the way I am and you should be happy too, Suhana wrote in her post.

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There has been talk for several days that Suhana Khan will make her Bollywood debut. She has recently made her private account public on social media. As a result, the number of Suhana Khan’s followers has increased in a short period of time. Suhana has about 1 lakh 40 thousand followers. She has shared many photos with her family on this account.

In 2018, she did a cover photoshoot for Vogue magazine. After this photoshoot, there was a lot of talk about Suhana’s Bollywood debut. But Shah Rukh had dismissed the news.


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